More Santa Enigma

wut up, i know it’s been a long time but look, i’ve been hard at work on some top secret shit. really its The Santa Enigma, and chapter two is about 8 pages away from being completed. yes! so, in the meantime, here is the Chapter Two cover breakdown. enjoy.


3 responses

  1. Niice. Looks like a huge improvement over the first issue cover [a lot less empty space]. You can see the influence of Invincible on the cover lol. I dig.

  2. Btw if you intend on selling SE as a volume, I’d highly, highly recommend you to redraw the cover for Issue #1 before publishing [or sending to a publisher] because; #1) A good amount of people judge comics by their cover and #2) Issue 2 and 3’s cover just blows Issue 1’s cover out of the water. Your progress on inking and coloring makes Issue 1 look like doo-doo on paper lol. Not hating, just being real yo.

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